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Match steinkjer cum shot meaning

short for cumshot, c-shot. pop a cshot. by Roger November 28, 2 3. Mug icon. Buy a cshot mug! 4. C Shot. A type of shot used by CLIMAX in the Call of Duty series. Performed by double tapping the Y or triangle button after a full burst is fired. Results in a 4 round burst which almost always guarantees a "one burst kill".Mangler: match ‎steinkjer. To ejaculate. Typically on a part of the body. For example, on the face (i.e. facial), in the mouth, on the breasts, on the legs or buttocks. Some fetishes even shown 'cumshots' on leather boots. Cumshots typically refer to a male ejaculating on a female but also include ejaculation on another male, inanimate objects, animals,  Mangler: match ‎steinkjer. 4. mai - Other terms relating to 'cum'. chocolate cum. Definitions include: cum (semen) from a dark-skinned man. cum. Definitions include: semen. cum chugger. Definitions include: from cruel intentions, means to suck a dick and swallow the cum. cum cookie. Definitions include: a game played by a group of males  Mangler: steinkjer.

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Match steinkjer cum shot meaning - sex

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